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Racord di Saleri Roberto e C. Sas | Via Statale 7/9 | 25060 Tavernole sul Mella (BS), Italy | TEL/FAX: 0039030920126

email: desk@racord.it | CF:00217150176 | P.IVA: 00545820987

Racord - Raccordi in ottone per contatori acqua e gas
Process Enhancement and Automation


The project provides one investment focused at the production launching through the purchasing of forefront technological machinery, enlargement and reorganization of the headquarters to improve the production and management of the orders and optimizing business cycle. The investments that will be accomplished in this project will improve and develop current production because they will consent the increase of the pieces machined in reduced timing.


FINALITY: improvement and increase of the production process and speeding of production timing

EXPECTED RESULTS: increase of the machined pieces, reduction of machining timing and greater precision of the work phasis




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