Expansion of machine park and company’s reorganisation

In Racord we strive to overcome our precision standards everyday.
The growing competitiveness of the competitors and the market in continuous and quick evolution encourage us to find always the way to give our best and, actually, to overcome ourselves to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Nowadays the new technologies come to support us and, for this reason, we have the project of expanding our machine park through the purchase of innovative machinery able to automate the production, improve work conditions of our workers and increase both quality of the products and productivity of the plants.

It is not only the desire of optimising production to make us move in this direction: this type of tools, among other things, optimise energy costs, apply self diagnostic systems, of control of process and operations perfomed, increasing safety conditions of the workers and service life of the machine..
The goal is also sustainability, both from human perspective, as all machinery workers can benefit from a number of automations that will simplify their work guaranteeing their health and safety, as well as in terms of the environment because we can suggest a reduction of energy and waste costs.

It is also thanks to an updated and larger machine park that we expect to reorganise our premises.
Work spaces will be optimised and smart with the aim of improving orders management, business cycle and productivity.
Our goal also in this case is to reduce time of production and delivery – thanks to storage improvement of finished products and raw materials – and increase production quality.

We believe that continuous commitment towards company’s self-improvement is an advantage for all: company, employees, customers, suppliers and, in a expanded vision, the entire community. That’s why we are happy to share our projects for the future.

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