New projects for the future of Racord

We want the best both for us and the company and for our customers.
The future of all enterprises – thus also our future – is tied in glove to industrial process automation, which offer a higher competitiveness in an ever changing market and allow us to obtain products of even greater precision and quality.
We are always careful to innovations and thus enthusiast to adopt them. Racord new projects aim to improve safety and work conditions and reply satisfactorily to our customers’ needs.

Over time we have inserted into our processes IoT solutions which interconnect the machines, allowing to optimize resources and labour force and consent us to obtain results of high quality in reduced time. We have joined a management system of the next generation which is able to simplify processes that were so far handled manually in every company’s department and we expect the realization of new projects in Racord.

Investing in the future

The planned investments will improve and enhance current production enabling more production with even more precision in reduced time.

Also Italian economy is protagonist of the fourth industrial revolution and in Racord we gather family experience of over half century, the choice of Italian certified raw materials and the most modern technology to always keep pace with times.

We do this because we believe that the industrial transition 4.0 is an advantage to our growth, to our customers that can always rely on us and also for all the Italian economic fabric.

We expect to invest in:

The purchase of new technologically advanced machinery. This will allow us to track whole production process also thanks to other machines and devices interconnection. Moreover, new generation tools allow us to increase productivity and work safety maintaining our quality standard unaffected. All these factors lead to response times to customers always quickier.

Enlargement of our machine park and reorganization of the premises to improve production, order management and business cycle. We intend to optimise also the spaces in which we work to refine time and production quality, as well as the storage of raw materials and finished products.

Some of our projects

Expansion of machine park and company’s reorganisation

New robotic machinery

Interconnection in IoT terms between machinery and management system

Process Enhancement and Automation

Racord’s future: automated and enhanced processes
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