Interconnection in IoT terms between machinery and management system

In 2018 Racord invests in the purchase of a new computer management system, followed by one MES (Manufactory Execution System) created specifically to speed up and facilitate all administrative and production planning activities. The project was followed by an interconnection work from ERP to the entire machine park dedicated to production.

The application of IoT technology to the diverse machinery allowed the integration of all information supplied to one unique platform: in this way, today we can have a rapresentation in real time of the performance of the entire production plant and we can obtain information both from an aggregate point of view (production volume, average production time, consumption, warehouse stock and inventory), and from the single machinery point of view. To achieve this result it is naturally necessary to obtain from all of these data only precise important information for all diverse profile users that use them.

The result is, from business pespective, a productivity increase because processes become easier to control and easily coordinated, a sensible reduction of costs, a remarkable decrease of delays due to failures or supplies’ deficiencies.

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