Expansion of machine park and company’s reorganisation

In Racord we strive to overcome our precision standards everyday.The growing competitiveness of the competitors and the market in continuous and quick evolution encourage us to find always the way to give our best and, actually, to overcome ourselves to satisfy our customers’ needs. Nowadays the new technologies come to support us and, for this […]

New robotic machinery

In 2022 a new robotic cell was joined to Racord’s machine park, destinated to the loading/unloading of the transfer machine that was previously installed at the factory. The robotic arm allows the complete automation of the machine to which it was joined, with consequent reduction of time, cycle and costs of machining and a sensible […]

Interconnection in IoT terms between machinery and management system

In 2018 Racord invests in the purchase of a new computer management system, followed by one MES (Manufactory Execution System) created specifically to speed up and facilitate all administrative and production planning activities. The project was followed by an interconnection work from ERP to the entire machine park dedicated to production. The application of IoT […]

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